Normanby: 7 January 2012

13½ miles
Normanby … Map of start point
60 bus from Scunthorpe

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We started 2012 out of our usual area, in North Lincolnshire! Meeting in the pretty village of Normanby , we set off to Flixborough and on to great views over the wide and lazy River Trent. We stopped for lunch at Burton Stather, where we sat at picnic tables outside a closed and grotty looking pub. From there, we climbed The Cliff, a gentle hill rising 60m above the banks of the Trent, and walked along the top of it for a couple of miles to Alkborough, where there was a viewpoint showing us impossibly distant places such as York Minster, and the 'amazing' turf maze of Julian's Bower, which is at least 400 years old and possibly a lot more than that. From Alkborough, we headed east, glimpsing a distant view of the Humber Bridge over the head high crops, before turning south through undulating farmland.

The peace and tranquility was disturbed when we heard gunshots in the distance and various birds found their flights cut short. Then suddenly a shot rang out only feet away, a bullet sped right across our path to bring down a pheasant that had leapt up from the field on our left. The hunter was laid in the hedgerow on our right, invisible to us in dark green clothing, and our clomping feet were inaudible to him as he was wearing earplugs. After we'd ascertained that we weren't on the target list, he stood up apologetically and waved us past. After that unexpected excitement, we were glad to arrive a little while later in the village of Burton-upon-Stather (which is different to the Burton Stather we passed through at lunchtime, confusingly), and the welcoming sight of the Sheffield Arms. After a quick drink, we set off for the final roadside mile back to Normanby just as dusk started to fall.

Flixborough church River Trent River Trent Viewpoint at Alkborough Turf maze at Alkborough Alkborough church Humber Bridge

Photos by Stevie